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Presenter Information

We look forward to seeing you in North Charleston! Please contact Laura Wright ( if you have any questions.

Before the Conference

  • Register for the conference. There is a discounted conference fee for those presenting at the conference. Register by early bird deadline for best pricing.
  • Communicate with your session moderator- they will reach out to you.
  • You may use our 2023 PowerPoint Template for your presentation¬†Conference Presentation Template
  • Please bring a copy of your presentation along with you to the conference as a backup on a USB drive.
    • In accordance with USSD policy, please refrain from overt to extensive commercialism during your presentation.
    • Your company logo may only be on the first and last slide of your audio/visual presentation.

Checking-in at the Conference

When you arrive at the conference site, please go directly to the Registration Desk. The knowledgeable staff can provide you with the following services

  • Check-In (Mandatory for all presenters)
  • Speaker ribbons
  • Directions to Presenter Ready Room (if needed)

During the session

  • Presenters should conduct themselves in a professional manner when referring to other persons, companies, or organizations in any part of their presentations.
  • Please define meanings of acronyms in your oral presentation as well as your visuals for the benefit of all attendees.
  • Each presentation is 15 minutes in length with 5 minutes for Q&A. Please adhere to the time limit assigned to your presentation to keep sessions on track.
  • The moderator will indicate to you how much time you have left with 5-minute and 2-minute warning cards.